Guaranteed artesian water discovery

The water discovery industry is known for its risks, however, years of experience allows us to provide clients with the following model – you pay only if:

  • Engineers found water boreholes and defined drilling depth;
  • After the drilling phase- discovered water source potential is no lower than 100 water cubic meters daily or over than 90% from initially forecasted.


We’ve discovered the water sources were others gave up and stated that there is no water in this area.

Our water is not groundwater, it does not depend on weather conditions, year seasons, etc. Usage of our water source does not decrease the natural groundwater level.

The quality of our water is much better then the quality of groundwater, there are no nitrates, bacteria’s, etc.

We are the only company that requires payment only in cases when water discovery was successful.


More than 95% success rate of water borehole research missions

Fast 2 days water discovery based on proven scientific methodology

Water boreholes research in hard-to-reach territories (granite, hills, deserts)

Finding the water boreholes in locations where your previous contractor gave up

Less paper work, more field work to achieve significant cost savings

Guaranteed water source capacity – in case discovered source capacity lowers over 30% within 3 years after services were performed – we either reboot drilling pinpoint, or find new water drilling point in up to 1 km area.

Water borehole discovery methodology

Our unique technology unites scientific methodology and exclusive software and hardware tools.

This allows to determine borehole location and drilling depth in the laboratory conditions based on the specific parameters and measurements provided by qualified field specialists.

Procedure and working process

1. Pre-planning

Signing agreement Calculating water demand Researching water logistics.

2. Water borehole discovery and report

2 dedicated onsite engineers Defining drilling pinpoints and depth Execution in 2-3 days Finding 2 extraction points.

3. Quotation for drilling work and obtaining abstraction license

A client obtains all necessary equipment and all necessary permits.

4. Drilling

2 days Drilling depth 300+ meters Drill diameter 300 mm, air compressor technology.

6. Drilling pinpoint audit

On detection of water, capacity is evaluated using pump tool and compared to the initial forecast.

7. Water source furnishing

2-3 days Furnishing to be provided by Client according to our requirements.

Our Cases

Bavaria, Germany – 2016

Client name: Mitterfirmiansreut Municipality.

Country: Bavaria, Germany.

Location: Granite, Hill.

Industry: Public Water Supply

Background: With the previous company the Client had 4 empty water boreholes up to 118 meters deep at the top of the mountain. Forecasts of the other drilling companies were negative, and the client was about to finish water mining.

Result: Our team found a water source at a depth of 22 meters, 47 meters away from the previous empty borehole. That provided a stable water supply of 200 cubic meters daily.

Bavaria, Germany – 2017

Client name: Perlesroit Municipal.

Country: Bavaria, Germany.

Location: Granite, Hill.

Industry: Public Water Supply.

Background: The client had a 67 meter deep empty water borehole and was considering finishing water mining due to negative forecasts from the previous water mining company.

Result: Our team found a water source at the depth of 17 meters, 25 meters away from the previous empty borehole. Water supply – 175 cubic meters daily.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 2018

Client name: Еxim Co., Ltd.

Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Location: Desert.

Industry: Agriculture

Background: Forecasts of the geologists’ companies were negative, and the client was about to finish water mining. Driller was pessimistic regarding any water sources on the territory.

Result: We found the first artesian water on the depth of 43 meters, as forecasted. Water supply source – 1000 cubic meters daily discovered at 150 m depth.

Germany – 2019

Client name: Commune Ulrichstein.

Country: Germany.

Conditions: Basaltic Hills.

Industry: Public Water Supply.

Background: All previous drillings were unsuccessful. Forecasts of the geologists’ companies were negative, the recommendation was to connect to the central water supply – a long and expensive project.

Result: Our team discovered a water source on the top of a hill, at the location of the water collector, 15 meters away from the point of water connection. Drilling depth around 200 meters, the final water level of the water source 87 meters. The demand was for 260 cubic meters daily, today, prior to the completion of well equipment, the capacity is over 300 cubic meters daily.

Sounth Africa – 2020

Client name: Farmer.

Country: South Africa.

Conditions: Dolomites.

Industry: Agriculture

Background: Geologists and local drillers stated that the water that can be discovered here is mostly salty, and it is impossible to find non-salty water with drilling attempts. Farm 1 – three previous drilling attempts resulted in two dry boreholes and one borehole with very salty water. Farm 2 – three previous drilling attempts resulted in three dry boreholes.

Result: Our team discovered a water source at Farm 1, the first water appeared at 14 meters depth, the final water capacity of the water source is 86 cubic meter daily, non-salty water. At Farm 2 the water source was discovered at 97 meters depth. Water source capacity is 260 cubic meters daily, non-salty water.

Germany – 2020

Client name: Farmer.

Country: Germany, Altmanstein city.

Conditions: Jurassic limestones

Industry: Agriculture

Background: Previous forecasts stated that the conditions would not allow to the discovery of water sources, especially of large capacity. The demand was to have a water source with a capacity of 10 liters per second. Previous drilling attempts were 80 meters deep with a water capacity of 2 liters per second.

Result: Our team discovered a water source at 88 meters depth. The water level at the source is 56 meters, capacity of 10 liters per second.

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